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Social Media Development

Let IBS create a proffessional social media presence for your company or brand.

Social Media can be a powerful way to reach an extremely large audience and promote your message, product or brand. However, to be successful and possibly viral, a social media presence must include helpful and/or useful content, some humor, a clear call to action and at least some active engagement between the company and its followers. IBS works with you to develop your social web presence and will consult with copywriting, marketing and standard practices to create a  successful campaign. 

All social media design and development work should be professional and as original as possible since your reputation and brand is on the line with every campaign. For example, while anyone can set up a fan page, to take advantage of the professional features available you need a thorough knowldege of HTML and a few insider tricks. You also want to make sure the design is compatible with your other online and offline branding and that your entire web presence from design to web hosting is up to modern standards. 

How can you benefit from social media?

  • Establish or strengthen your brand
  • Develop loyal followers
  • Drive traffic to your company site
  • Increase sales opportunities

How can you benefit from IBS?

  • Social media consulting
  • Twitter page development & initial start up
  • Facebook fan page design & development
  • YouTube page designs, optimization and media development if needed
  • Help with Pinterest and all other social media platforms

Contact IBS today for a social media consultation or quote.