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Web Site Review & Assessment

Any succesful optimization effort begins with a website review and analysis. However, you might want a comprehensive, professional opinion as to where your site stands before considering any other work. In either case, IBS is here to help you. A site analysis and assessment can expose most of a website’s issues from keywords to conversions to usability.

Web Presence

IBS will fully research where your site currently stands in the world wide web. We will review and report on the major keywords your site is targetting and make suggestions for improvement. A presence review will also include backlinks, rankings and any traffic data available.


IBS will analyze your current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts or lack therof.
An SEO audit centers around three main areas:

  • Content
  • Site code & architecture
  • Incoming links


IBS will analyze the largest competitors in your industry and report on where your site may be lacking and suggestions for improvement. If you don't know your competition, then you will have no idea how to surpass them.

Website Conversion

A website's conversion rate is possibly the most important and yet one of the most often overlooked metrics by site owners. A site's conversion rate is the ratio between the number of total visitors and the number of visitors who complete the desired action or "goal" for that site or page. Though this may sound simple, many site owners are not clear as to what that goal actually is.

Site or page goals must first be clearly defined such as:

  • Filling out a contact form
  • Downloading a file
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Purchasing a product

Once the goal is clearly defined, the site or page must then be optimized to get the visitor to complete that goal. This can be trickier than it would seem, but well worth the effort since improving a site's conversion rate can dramatically effect advertising costs and revenue. Even gains of just one or two percent can often double the amount of sales or enquiries for your campaign.

IBS can help you maximize your conversions by assessing and then, if desired, implementing changes to crucial areas of your site including:

  • Clear and simple calls to action
  • Relevancy of landing page
  • Ease of contact
  • Trust and visitor confidence

Site Usability

Why care about usability? Usable websites allow visitors to complete tasks with greater ease, speed, and success, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. Frustrated users often abandon confusing websites, resulting in substantial business losses. In a detailed study of over 40 websites, the average result of a usability re-design produced almost a 100% increase in conversion rates.

How can IBS help with greater usability?
Most web designers’ strengths center on graphic design and creativity. However, many of the most "attractive" and "innovative" sites are the least usable. The advantage with IBS is that we are skilled not only in design, develpment and programming but also in usability. Whether redsigning an existing site or creating a stie from the ground up, IBS considers every aspect toward a site's success.

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